Is it ok?

I feel lust for some women. As if I’ve already decided that they are interesting to me but I don’t know anything about that person. Is that even ok? How do you present that to them? Are you supposed to? It’s a little creepy I feel. I also wonder how much of this lust is […]

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Open relationships

Before my ex wife and I ended our marriage we tried opening our relationship. It was quite an eye opening experience since before that I had a much more traditional mind set. That was quite the experience. Not just in the physical sense. Sure that was different but it’s a change in mindset. To be […]

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Progress is progress

The feeling of being alone seems to be fading. It still has its waves. Those waves are smaller but wider. Thinking more in the moment of it vs the fear of it and trying to escape it as quickly as possible. So many things are moving around and I’m trying my best to not worry […]

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What was that?!

I decided to look at happn. It’s a dating app to just see if I would match with someone. My logical side tells me that it’s far to early, but at the same time I just want to do something. It’s interesting writing it out because I have plenty I could do so why not […]

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Best support

I spoke on my ex wife and I being close if not best friends but it’s amazing how much we can still support each other without issue. We decided to be friends and separated. Once she moved out there was a window of time where we didn’t talk but there was no blood in the […]

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Feeling Spoiled?

I was having this thought the other day. Time to write it down I suppose. Being in a 13 year relationship where 6 years of it was married. It ended well like I said in a previous post but it got me thinking. I’ve now experienced what I thought would last forever. That has to […]

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I think I’m depressed

Maybe it’s just the feeling of being alone? Being married for 13 years and now on your own can be really difficult I assume. Our separation was really good and we’re still super good friends. Sharing a dog and such. She even has a new boyfriend and that doesn’t bug me. We did the right […]

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Failure of communication

Well I did it again. Somehow I always communicate wrong. Not even seeing what I did or how I did it. Once she is upset and points it out I’m like ohh god I didn’t mean it like that. How else could it have been taken though? She was right. I really need to focus […]

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